17 Agustus 2009



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11 Agustus 2009

Pencil Topper

Very cute Green Mushroom and Goldy the Goldfish.. perfect to make your learning more memorable with this pencil toppers.

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Sleepy Owl Pouch

"Night has brought to those who sleep, only dreams they can not keep"
Good night, Sleepy Owl >_<

Front Side

Back Side

03 Agustus 2009

Zoo Parade

Benjamin the Bear

Reiko the Rabbit

Paquita the Panda

Pablo the Pig

Corissa the Cow

Frost the Frog

Every single piece of our work is 100 %handmade and made with huge care and huge love, we do not used any machine and pre cut shapes
. They are perfect for decorate your spaces, or you can make to be a key hanger, charm, doll, or anything you want. Just let me know, which one do you like?

Greeny Frog

Cuteness Necklace

Our newest design is Madison the Monkey and Kai the Kangaroo.

Madison the Monkey

The meaning of the name is Gift of God
Cheerful monkey
Loves run
Always be a winner

Kai the Kangaroo
The meaning of the name is ocean
Really loves playing sand of beach
Have a daughter name Kai Jr
A guardian angel for her daughter

Elijah the Elephant Bracelet

New bracelet design...
Elijah the Elephant
The meaning of the name is The Lord is My God
Friendly caring
Loves smile
Has a beautiful heart

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Unique Pouch

Yay..finally kita punya pouch buat simpen something yang kita punya niy.... mmphh apa aj ya yg bisa ditaro? gadget, flash disc, money, kartu nama.
Pouch kita ada dua design, Monkey Pouch with blushing check, and Paw Pouch dengan strip tigernya.
Ukurannya customized lo, bisa disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan. Harga juga reasonable.. Ga mahal2 bgt.
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Almost Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...Enjoy your wonderful night with family..

Ini memang ga tepat bgt ya, hari raya Natal juga belum dateng... Tapi gag pa2 lah, daripada terlambat.. Pesen ornament Natal dari sekarang juga bisa lo. Itung2 nabung buat Natal depan ^_^
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Welcome August

Alphabets Sets make learning more fun and more entertaining... Belajar membaca sekarang tidak membosankan lagi dengan Alphabets Sets ini. Alphabets sets ini contain huruf A - Z dengan berbagai warna. Ukuran per huruf 5 cm, cukup besar untuk balita anda yang sedang belajar membaca. Alphabets sets sudah termasuk 26 huruf dan 1 bag. for more info and price, click here.